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Sitemap download / crawl frequency update

by Andrew Kagan 29. April 2009 11:22

To follow up on my previous post, after the initial long delay before Google downloaded the sitemap.xml for, the sitemap was resubmitted 24 hours later and Google downloaded it within minutes.

A quick review of the server logs showed Googlebot hitting the website shortly thereafter, which corresponds to behavior reported by Adam at BlogIngenuity. Adam also reported pages quickly appearing in Google's index, but no additional pages appear to have made it in yet for This could be attributable to time-of-day as well as how recently the website was added to Google's index. Presumably the page text is "in the hopper" and being processed (wouldn't a progress bar be a cool webmaster's tool?).

Appropriately tagging the sitemap file with date/frequency/importance data for each URL will probably build the site reputation in Google's index and hopefully priortize content indexing. We know that the better a website's reputation the faster Google will add pages to the index.

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