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Beware the perils of Google's Cache!

by Andrew Kagan 5. January 2010 10:57's bad enough being hacked, but having it rubbed in your face on Google is never fun. One of our favorite long-time Google-sitemap-building tools,, with 1st position in SERPs for "sitemap builder", apparently was hacked by Silent...and while the site has been repaired (somewhat), Google is still caching the hacked meta data and returning it in search results:


This illustrates how security and search rank go hand-in-hand...the better your SEO, the more damage can occur to your brand through a security breach.

What to do if you're hacked!

The fastest way to repair this damage would be to force an update of the sitemap using Webmaster Tools, and use the "Remove URL" request in Webmaster Tools to request the cache be updated (see below):

Google's Webmaster Tools is your friend in this case, and removal requests are read by a human, so the damage can hopefully be minimized if caught early enough.


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2012 contest was hacked

by Andrew Kagan 12. October 2009 14:14

The new armageddon film by Roland Emmerich "2012" opens tomorrow, and they've been running a Flash-based promotional game on the dedicated website To win the game you need to answer about 20 questions in a given time period, and your winning score will be added to a leader board. The game allowed you post your score to Facebook. Having successfully navigated the game in a respectable 1 minute and 4 seconds, I went to the leaderboard to compare my score with others. Here's the current leaderboard:

It would be pretty much impossible to post a time of less than 20 seconds, so my guess is "RSV" found a way to bypass the Flash interface and post answers using the known set of questions (it looks like there are about 50 questions in all). If anyone figured out the hack I'd love to hear about it.



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