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Sitemap Crawling (cont'd)

by Andrew Kagan 30. April 2009 08:59

Following up on yesterday's post about Googlebot and crawlers, I see that Googlebot is coming back to read the sitemap on a regular basis without needing to submit it...probably based on the update-frequency parameter specified in the sitemap...a good thing I hope, although Google is not adding more pages to the index yet.

Registering the sitemap with MSN/Live and Yahoo resulted in immediate crawls by the MSNbot and Slurp crawlers, which of course is a good thing...will see what the indexing rate is in a future post.

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4/29/2009 3:11:12 PM #

Hi, John.

Good series.  I just finished up a post on automatic Sitemap submission for WordPress users and I've been noticing some of the same things you have.  I've linked readers here for an additional real-world example.

A question I had: Given that my site automatically submits a new sitemap to Google after site changes, does Google penalize for too many sitemap submissions in a short period of time? Is this something for my readers to be wary of?

Let me know if you have any info I can share with Blog Ingenuity readers.  Thanks.

Adam United States

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