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Google Caffeine close to launch

by Andrew Kagan 10. January 2010 10:24

Google's new search indexing algorithms, colloquially referred to as "Caffeine", are slowly being rolled out to Google's datacenters around the world. This is causing sudden shifts in SERP rank and much anxiety among SEOs. Over the past 6 months, Google had been testing the new search engine over the past 6 months, but it seems to be rolling it out in earnest since January 6.

Not Your Cup of Tea?

According Matt Cutts of Google, Caffeine is a complete rewrite of much of Google's indexing system, in an effort to make it more responsive and more accurate. It will better incorporate results from more real-time sources such as facebook and Twitter, but it will also perform more filtering of duplicative content to make the first page results more meaningful. 

Without delving too far into the semantics of Matt Cutts' blog...he did say that he "went off caffeine" for the month of December...should we read into that statement? 

Preliminary keyword tests have shown that the results can differ significantly from existing rankings, leaving SEOs scratching their heads on how to respond. But this early "Google Dance" should settle down and allow for better SEO assessments, and hopefully marginalize certain greyhad techniques that are still somewhat effective at beating the SERP algorithms.


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