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Google's Chinese Human Rights accounts hacked, blame hackers

by Andrew Kagan 12. January 2010 16:43

Google reported an attack tonite against accounts of known human rights activists in China, and said that in response to these attacks, it would close down it's chinese-language portal. Tellingly, Google claimed the accounts were not hacked due to any inherent weakness in it's website, but rather the break-ins were achieved through phishing attacks that led to Gmail accounts being compromised through key-capture or other methods on the Gmail-user's computers.

Google's taking a political stance to what is likely Chinese-government censorship and manipulation is telling in and of itself, in light of the Obama Administration's recent deference to, and dissing by, the Chinese gov't in terms of trade relationships and environmental issues.

Is Google picking up the mantle of defending the free dissemination of information throughout the world via the internet? Or does this boil down to a trade dispute over access fees and censorship in the Chinese market? It remains to be seen.


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