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Google+ not ready for business

by Andrew Kagan 7. July 2011 10:27

Google announced that it’s new social media platform, Google+, is not quite ready for prime time, asking businesses to hold off on creating profiles until the service is opened to the general public.

Google+ has been in limited rollout to individuals only for the past couple months. Much as they have with Facebook, some businesses had tried to create business profiles using personal Google+ accounts.

Google+ is a new “social media” service from the search giant that will compete head-to-head with current king of all social media, Facebook. Google+ groups its social functionality into “Circles” (individual associations, like Facebook’s “friends”), “Streams” (a type of public newsfeed, like Facebook’s “wall”), “Sparks” (a means of sharing information with friends), “Hangouts” (a form of communal space to share interests), and “Chat”.

Combined with Google’s other services, these new “social” features place Google in direct competition not only with Facebook, but also with communication suites such as AIM, Skype, Webex and Microsoft Live. Google has already tackled other media-sharing giants such as Flickr (with Google’s Picasa services) and YouTube (with Google Video), with limited success.

Success or failure of Google+ will hinge on how fast this new service is adopted by both individuals and businesses, and any delays may result in a fall-off of interest by users who have already invested significant effort in Facebook and other brand-aware networks.


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