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SEO Storefront: The First E-Commerce Platform Optimized for High Search Engine Rankings Out of the Box

After more than a decade developing and customizing proprietary e-commerce systems, is proud to introduce SEO Storefront, the first e-commerce system designed from the ground up to be search-engine friendly and fully optimized for maximum search rank. Incorporating all the state of the art SEO techniques, SEO Storefront is a hosted solution built entirely upon Microsoft's Server 2008 and .NET Framework platforms.
SEO Storefront grew out of the need for an easy-to-use e-commerce storefront that was search-friendly right out of the box. Basic shopping carts such as MivaMerchant, Monster and eBay stores cannot be configured properly for SEO, relying instead on customers driving traffic to them through SEM and pay-per-click advertising. More advanced e-commerce systems require thousands of dollars of customization and many still don't provide adequate optimization. There is an obvious need for a solution at both ends of the market that is affordable and saves store owners money.
Availability: Mid-2009
Features: Unlimited products and departments, multiple pricing tiers, multiple SKUs per product, discounts and gift certificates, product ratings and reviews, search-friendly URLs, integrated META data, weighted sitemaps, reciprocal link pages, anchor-link tagging, blogs, and support for all major merchant payment systems, including, Cybersource, Paypal, and Google Checkout.
System Requirements: Offered as software as a service (SAAS) or as a standalone licensed product on Windows Server 2008 and SQL Server 2008.

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